Vietnamese investment firm VinaCapital signs for DSTi's HiPortfolio/3

Source: DST International

DST International (DSTi), a leader in business solutions for the financial services industry, announced today that Vietnamese investment firm VinaCapital has signed an agreement to implement DSTi’s Investment Management Solution, HiPortfolio/3.

VinaCapital is one of Vietnam's leading investment firms, bringing years of international experience and unparalleled local expertise to bear in its asset management, corporate finance, and real estate advisory services. Since it was founded in 2003 to manage the Vietnam Opportunity Fund - then worth US$10 million - VinaCapital has launched two additional funds and increased its assets under management to nearly US$850 million.

VinaCapital CFO Tuan Pham said that DSTi was a natural choice to meet the company's changing investment management needs: "VinaCapital's investment portfolio is characterised by the presence of industry leaders, so when we decided to invest in a new fund accounting and portfolio management solution, the choice of an industry leader like DSTi came naturally."

The Vietnamese economy has grown by an average of over 7% per year over the past five years, and the capital markets have developed rapidly during that period. The approximately 130 companies listed on Vietnam's two securities trading centres have a market capitalisation of over US$10 billion, and shares traded on the over-the-counter market nearly double the size of the market.

Mr. Pham said that given the dynamic and increasingly globally integrated Vietnamese market, DSTi brings a uniquely valuable set of resources. He commented: "DSTi has provided solutions to top asset managers around the world, but their experience in and commitment to Vietnam makes DSTi especially attractive to us. This solution will help us to boost efficiency and productivity, and help ensure that we can continue to provide the highest levels of support and responsiveness to our clients as the market in Vietnam develops further."

Rhonda Lepsch, CEO for the Asia Pacific region at DSTi said: "We are delighted to have VinaCapital as our newest client in Vietnam. The Vietnam market holds huge potential for both foreign and domestic investors alike. Through the use of leading edge technologies such as DSTTi's Investment Management Solution, HiPortfolio/3, VinaCapital should be well positioned to easily adapt to future changes in this dynamic market. DSTi's Investment Management Solution will also allow VinaCapital to provide even higher levels of customer service to its clients by automating many current manual procedures, thereby promoting accuracy and quickening response times."

Ms. Lepsch continued, "DSTi is highly committed to the Vietnam market and we now have five clients in the country. We hope to further expand our operations in Vietnam by opening an office in Ho Chi Minh City this year. With over 600 staff in offices located in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand, DSTi currently supports over 150 clients in 13 different countries in the Asia Pacific region."

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