EFunds and TSS team to provide remote ATM re-keying for Diebold and NCR machines

Source: eFunds Corporation

eFunds Corporation (NYSE:EFD), a leading provider of risk management, electronic payments, ATM and global outsourcing solutions, today announced the availability of a remote re-key solution for NCR and Diebold ATM machines for its CONNEX EFT software platform.

The Remote Re-Key solution, developed to interface with Trusted Security Solutions, Inc.'s (TSS) A98-R technology, offers eFunds software and processing customers a complete, proven solution for key management of legacy and remote rekey-enabled ATMs.

The Remote Re-Key solution utilizes TSS' A98-R technology to automatically create and distribute ATM master keys, eliminating manual on-site key loading and reducing management costs. New or existing eFunds customers can easily implement the Remote Re-Key solution since all cryptography and protocol management is performed by the A98-R technology that now interfaces with eFunds' CONNEX software platform.

"CONNEX Remote Re-Key is the only product on the market that resolves key management for both legacy and EPP-enabled ATMs," said Michael Feliciano, senior vice president and division executive, electronic payments solutions at eFunds Corporation. "Additionally, this product is a good value for customers in need of significant flexibility and failsafe security features. Technology from TSS has proven to be a perfect fit with eFunds, and we are proud to work with a company that shares our quality and service-oriented philosophy."

CONNEX Remote Re-Key can be used by organizations with any size ATM population. Currently NCR and Diebold machines are supported, though ATMs from any manufacturer can benefit from the management flexibility and efficiencies afforded by the new offering.

"I am excited that eFunds has selected TSS' A98-R technology to introduce remote re-keying capabilities to the CONNEX platform," said Dennis Abraham, president of TSS. "Our relationship with eFunds is one of tremendous value, and displays both confidence and validation of our A98-R technology in the market."

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