Yahoo! launches personal finance Web site

Source: Yahoo!

Yahoo! (NASDAQ:YHOO) today launched a new personal finance website, which brings together the Internet's most useful tools and information to help consumers manage their personal finances.

Yahoo! Personal Finance offers consumers a suite of new financial centers, covering every major area of personal finance, ranging from "Banking & Budgeting" to "Retirement". The site continues the company's media strategy of bringing together the best tools and information around a particular topic from the industry's leading providers, while also expanding advertising inventory in one of the largest advertising categories.

"The goal of Yahoo! Finance has always been to help our users make informed financial decisions, and now we're able to do that across every aspect of their financial lives," said Peggy White, general manager, Yahoo! Finance. "Not all of our users manage an investment portfolio, but we all manage a checkbook. This presents a huge opportunity for Yahoo! Finance to expand beyond our core investing-focused offerings."

Yahoo! Finance has already established itself as the Internet's number one destination for investing tools and information, and aims to expand its audience size and engagement with the addition of a new personal finance home.

The new Yahoo! Personal Finance features include:
  • Nine resource centers covering every major area of personal finance, ranging from "Banking and Budgeting" where users will receive helpful information on their daily finances, to a "Taxes" resource center that provides the tools and information consumers need for tax planning. Additional resource centers include: Career & Work, College & Education, Family & Home, Insurance, Loans, Real Estate, and Retirement.
  • Twenty-five premier content providers, including, Consumer Reports, Kiplinger, The Motley Fool, Smart Money, and The Wall Street Journal.
  • Forty-eight original "How To" guides on a wide range of important financial topics, such as "Plan for the Cost of College" and "Budgeting for a Baby."
  • Sixty-six new financial calculators within different financial areas to help consumers estimate everything from "What would my loan payments be-" to "How much will I need to save for retirement-".
  • Integration of Yahoo! Answers, featuring editorially-selected user generated questions and answers about a variety of financial topics.
  • Advice columns from Yahoo! Finance's 13 financial experts who provide advice exclusive to Yahoo!, including a new career advice column, "The Brazen Careerist," written by author Penelope Trunk.
  • A new personal finance glossary from Lightbulb Press, a leading financial literacy publisher.

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