Eiger Systems adds roll number validation module to Bank Wizard


Eiger Systems, Europe's leading developer of validation and payment solutions for automated banking and e-commerce, has announced a new roll number validation module for BANK WIZARD, Europe's leading bank data validation solution.

Payee organisations will find the new roll number validation module invaluable in ensuring that Direct Credit payments, made via BACS or CHAPS, are applied first time into the correct building society and credit union accounts, where reference or roll numbers are used to identify the accounts of individual customers.

Building on the current functionality of BANK WIZARD, the new roll number validation module significantly reduces payment errors and the associated administrative costs as well as helping to improve customer service. BANK WIZARD Roll Number Validation performs the following functions:
  • identifies whether a roll number is required based on the sort code and account number supplied, ensuring that missing or incorrect data is identified at point of input
  • identifies the format of the roll number issued by the building society, preventing roll numbers from being entered incorrectly
  • checks roll numbers against modulus checking algorithm(s) for the specified sort code and account number
  • provides hints on roll number format to help users with inputting data
  • transposes roll numbers to the required standard and format of the building society
  • checks roll number length confirms to the rules specified by the institution

    Jonathan Williams, Product Marketing Manager of Eiger Systems says: "Organisations currently making electronic payments to personal UK bank or building society accounts have no means of identifying whether a roll number is valid, which can result in payments being misapplied and time wasted in rectifying errors. BANK WIZARD Roll Number Validation virtually eliminates these problems and is of significant benefit to any organisation needing to make a large number of Direct Credit payments."
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