Fiserv alliance lifts Vasco sales in US

Source: Vasco

Vasco Data Security International (Nasdaq: VDSI), the world's number-one vendor of software and hardware strong user authentication and e-signature solutions, has announced that more than 100 US financial institutions have integrated Vasco solutions into their Internet banking offerings.

Vasco's alliance with Fiserv,(Nasdaq: FISV), a US Fortune 500 company that provides information management systems and services to the financial industry, has been a catalyst for the growth.

Several of Fiserv's business units have deployed Vasco's Vacman Controller software, including Information Technology, (ITI), Precision Computer Systems (PCS), eSolutions and Fiserv CBS Worldwide. "With a combination of unique features, including website authentication, challenge-response and digital signatures, Vasco's solutions are very effective at helping protect Fiserv clients from fraud," said eSolutions General Manager Jamie Deterding.

Two of Vasco's renowned Digipass client authentication products are offered to Fiserv's clients: Digipass GO3, Vasco's top-selling hardware authenticator that generates one-time passwords and host authentication codes, and Digipass 260, which is used as an effective tool against phishing and pharming. Digipass 260 is a pin-protected authentication device that also has the ability to calculate e-signatures, making the system immune to man-in-the-middle attacks.

With the successes of 2006, expectations are high for continued growth next year, including new applications that require advanced authentication in the foreseeable future. "US banks of all types and sizes are looking for a means to make electronic banking safer," said Jan Valcke, Vasco's President and COO. "The partnership between Fiserv and Vasco has given many banks an integrated system to provide a secure, convenient, and user-friendly electronic banking experience. We are happy to see that our combined efforts result in a more secure channel for electronic banking."

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