HM Revenue and Customs uses ATM:ad for tax campaign

Source: HM Revenue and Customs

HM Revenue and Customs is using ATM:ad, the cash machine advertising medium, to run a 'countdown campaign' as part of its multi-media strategy to ensure customers comply with the 31st January deadline.

The campaign will run on over 1,000 cash machines on the ATM:ad network, including high streets, supermarkets and petrol stations, throughout the UK. It is expected to deliver over 5 million one-to-one transactions and will kick off on the 15th January.

Each day, the creative will change to reflect the number of days left before the deadline is reached, and the campaign will finish on January 31st.

As well as the on-screen element, the campaign will also feature on the front of the cash machine takeaway receipts, further strengthening the message.

Michelle Patel, Marketing Team Leader, HMRC said: "We wanted to explore digital outdoor as a means of extending our traditional 48s element of the campaign. It's a particularly good format for the countdown message which has worked successfully for us within the online sphere. The receipt will also allow customers to walk away with our message in their pockets."

Planning for the campaign was carried out by COI and ZenithOptimedia, and the ads were booked by Posterscope.

ATM:ad delivers a digital, one-to one communication with a range of targeted audiences in key out-of-home environments including supermarkets, petrol stations, high streets and shopping malls. Since its launch in mid-2004, it has carried campaigns from a wide range of sectors including travel, FMCG, internet, entertainment and government for a variety of advertisers..

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