Smart Payment Solutions and Automated Financials Group merge

Source: Smart Payment Solutions

Smart Payment Solutions (SPS), a payment processing company, recently announced its merger with Automated Financial Group (AFG).

The merger, by increasing staff and creating a broader array of payment processing offerings, will enhance the company's ability to meet clients' needs more effectively, while ensuring that they continue to receive consistently exceptional service. The company continues to utilize its Greenwood, Indiana operations center for customer support, while the corporate headquarters in Virginia will maintain sales, marketing and administrative functions. Both companies provided Automated Clearing House (ACH) processing. AFG provided Returned Check Processing (RCK) services, and SPS also offered credit card merchant accounts. AFG and SPS were founded in 1998 and 2002, respectively.

"We are excited about the merger and see it as another step in ensuring that our customers' payment processing is easy, secure and efficient," said Matt Whitaker, president, Smart Payment Solutions. "We hope that our clients will continue to think of us as their trusted payments advisor."

The combined company, SPS LLC, offers payment services, including ACH processing, Returned Check processing, credit card merchant accounts, and check conversion. Clients include corporations of all sizes as well as non-profit organizations. By automating payments, clients increase profits through decreased processing time; reduced bank fees; improved donation rates; enhanced convenience for the customer, supplier and employee; expanded customer base to include non-credit card purchasers; heightened collection rates on non-sufficient funds checks; and greater cash and working capital management.

The company's consultative approach ensures that organizations receive and utilize the right blend of payment processing services to suit their customers or donors. Annual ACH payment volume has doubled in the last five years across all transaction categories, according to NACHA - The Electronic Payments Association.

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