TradeKing implements Recognia trade analysis tools

Source: Recognia

In a move that reflects rapid growth in the US discount brokerage market, stock pattern software provider, Recognia, announced today that their fully integrated technical analysis tools are now in use by equity investors and options traders of TradeKing.

TradeKing was ranked the number one discount brokerage in the US for 2006 by SmartMoney.

TradeKing's new Recognia-based service provides traders with a simple but powerful way to better anticipate price movement on equity stocks. The Recognia technical analysis resource complements TradeKing's robust fundamental analysis capabilities and is free of charge to TradeKing members.

"Recognia works with leading online financial sites and trading institutions around the world, but TradeKing is clearly ahead of the pack of online brokers when it comes to providing value-add trading tools and services," said Rick Escher, President and CEO of Recognia. "TradeKing is one of the few sites in its class that delivers a heavy analysis punch with an extraordinarily low per trade cost to enable members to apply insights gleaned through technical analysis in all their trading activity."

Recognia Interactive is a suite of technical analysis and chart pattern recognition tools that help investors make more informed trading decisions. With the software, investors have access to technical analysis research in an easy-to-understand and actionable format. Previously, technical analysis was the realm of institutions that hired technical analysts, or individual investors who had the time to devote to in-depth studying. Now Recognia does the analysis for the investor and automatically interprets as bullish or bearish in the short, intermediate or long-term. Recognia's automatic interpretation helps investors identify new opportunities to consider, and validate their own trading decisions before taking action.

"TradeKing's community of traders is hungry for tools that can help fuel more opportune and prosperous trading," said Don Montanaro, CEO of TradeKing. "With these added technical analysis tools, we're helping to do a lot of the homework for traders, putting new power in their hands to seamlessly expand their trading opportunities and take both their short- and long-term investment success to a whole new level."

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