Tideway launches automated fingerprint update service

Source: Tideway

Tideway, the independent leader in IT service configuration management for enterprises, today announced the general availability of its automated fingerprint update service for its flagship product, Tideway Foundation.

Tideway Foundation is used to provide complete transparency of data center configuration and dependencies, and makes configuration management as simple as search for companies like JPMorgan Chase, ING and Dresdner Kleinwort. The expanding role of the data center, and the rapid pace of introduction of new technologies, means the data quality and coverage of other solutions quickly falls behind. This service ensures that Tideway's customers benefit from automatic indexing, recognition, and mapping of new data center technologies and applications as they are released to market, providing the most complete map of their IT infrastructure configuration possible. Tideway's customers are using this technology to further automate their configuration management process - an essential underpinning of IT best practices such as ITIL. This allows them to increase the pace of safe change, ensure compliance, and maximize availability and operational integrity.

Building on the 2500-plus fingerprints shipped with the latest release of Tideway Foundation, the first update adds over 300 new fingerprints for key data centre software products. Foundation's ability to recognise the broadest set of key data center technologies such as Oracle RDBMS, Sybase ASE, Apache Tomcat, and IBM MQ Series makes it the fastest way to understand the precise configuration of any data center. Subsequent updates are accessible as part of a software-as-a-service offering that allows the user to browse the fingerprint library, subscribe to fingerprints of interest, submit fingerprints for verification and choose the frequency of update.

"Tideway Foundation is the proven market leader in IT service configuration management, with the largest deployments in the market at customers such as JPMorgan Chase, ING and Dresdner Kleinwort," said Richard Muirhead, CEO of Tideway Systems. "The ability for Tideway Foundation to constantly learn about the latest software products on the fly further reduces manual effort in the configuration management process, and extends our market leadership. The market is increasingly looking to Tideway as the industry expert in this space."

Tideway Foundation is the only application dependency mapping product backed by a best-practice fingerprint validation process, a dedicated hosting environment, and a dedicated team of fingerprint developers and librarians. Tideway partners with the leading data centre technology providers such as IBM, Sun, HP, Sybase, Oracle, VMWare, BEA, Citrix, and Microsoft to ensure that their products are recognised by Foundation out-of-the-box.

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