Obopay to offer mobile payments to Helio members

Source: Obopay

Obopay, the first comprehensive mobile payment service in the US, today announced it has partnered with Helio to offer its service to Helio members.

Readily available on the mobile deck, Helio's young, connected members are now equipped with a complete end-to-end mobile payments solution.

"We are delighted to be a part of such an exciting, cutting-edge mobile service provider with a fresh approach to the market," said Carol Realini, CEO and founder of Obopay. "With Obopay available on Helio's service, more members than ever will have the power to easily get, send and spend money directly from their mobile."

Obopay's comprehensive solution provides mobile customers with a real-time, secure, mobile peer-to-peer payment service, which is linked to an Obopay Prepaid MasterCard account. Obopay Prepaid MasterCard cards are accepted at 24 million merchant locations and over 1.1 million ATMs around the world. Helio members are able to remotely manage their Obopay accounts by checking balances, viewing payment histories, adding funds and more -- all from a user-friendly, easy to navigate mobile application residing on the device. In addition to managing Obopay accounts, users have access to advanced mobile device personalization features such as contact list integration and specialized ring tones.

"With the launch of Obopay on one of the coolest services in the market, it's clear that mobile payments have arrived," said Howard Gefen, executive vice president of marketing and business development, Obopay. "No longer will consumers be stuck without cash. With Obopay on Helio, members can add funds to their Obopay account while mobile, and that's invaluable for those living the mobile lifestyle."

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