Siemens wins Deutsche Bank IT infrastructure contract

Source: Siemens Business Services

Siemens Business Services (SBS) will support large portions of Deutsche Bank’s information technology for a period of five years, managing the IT infrastructure in all German branches, corporate departments and additional locations in Italy and Spain.

The contract enables Deutsche Bank to improve its IT while at the same time reducing its costs, and is the latest addition to the long list of major IT contracts awarded to SBS by Deutsche Bank in recent years.

SBS will support 19,000 so-called thin clients for the Deutsche Bank staff in Germany, Italy and Spain. With a thin-client infrastructure, employees don't have their own PC, working instead on keyboards and monitors that are linked to central servers on which the programs are executed. In the future, SBS will support the countries' servers and thin-client workstations from Germany, take care of the software distribution to users and operate a help desk to answer users' hardware and software queries.

In addition, SBS will support 10,000 conventional PCs and more than 5,000 ATMs, self-service terminals and other equipment in Deutsche Bank's branches throughout Germany.

Having handled the operation of Deutsche Bank's conventional PCs in the past, SBS subsequently managed the conversion to 19,000 thin clients. Thin clients are easier to manage and support than traditional PCs and can be updated with the latest software much more quickly, thus making the IT systems more stable. "We operate the largest thin-client project in Europe's banking industry," comments Christian Oecking, the head of global outsourcing operations and member of SBS senior management.

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