Deutsche Börse offers CEF ultra for real-time dissemination of Eurex trading data

Source: Deutsche Börse

Deutsche Börse’s segment Market Data & Analytics further expanded its real-time trading data product line on Monday by offering CEF ultra, a new real-time data feed that provides complete Eurex trading information as well as, for the first time ever, the full chain of pre-trade data.

CEF ultra disseminates all Eurex order book updates on an unnetted basis the moment they occur. This immediate distribution is performed at throughput times of less than one millisecond - and a current rate of more than 16,500 price information per second.

Holger Wohlenberg, Managing Director of Market Data & Analytics said, "The multicast technology employed by CEF ultra allows users to choose from the complete range of Eurex broadcast groups, for instance German index options." At the same time, newly developed compression software based on the Fast protocol enables intelligent data transmission, thus reducing the strain on available bandwidth and IT resources.

The CEF family currently comprises four different data feed services. Like CEF ultra, CEF alpha is also designed for what are known as automated trading applications. CEF alpha provides direct access to real-time trading data from Eurex and Xetra, as well as to index data from Dow Jones STOXX. The new data feed CEF DataSelect is a further addition to this product group, allowing clients to customize the scope of the data on offer by selecting the individual instruments that suit their specific needs, whereby they can adjust their selection throughout the day.

The original CEF data feed bundles trading data, such as prices, indices and volumes from various Deutsche Börse Group systems, and those of its cooperation partners, into information products which are distributed in real time to information providers and financial institutions. In 2003, Deutsche Börse became the first stock exchange worldwide to implement a price dissemination system operated in two locations and time zones: CEF Frankfurt and CEF Chicago.

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