FutureTrade upgrades electronic dealing platform

Source: FutureTrade

FutureTrade, a leading provider of integrated electronic equity, option and algorithmic trading services, today announced a significant upgrade to its respected trading platform.

Among the many enhancements, Version 4.0 includes direct access to international equity markets as well as substantially improved integration of equity and options trading.

"Hedge funds and asset managers in the US have been shifting assets from US equities to non-US equities and derivatives in their search for volatility and enhanced returns," said Jim Kwiatkowski, executive vice president of sales and marketing. "Our clients have asked for a single, broker neutral trading platform which provides access to all of the markets they trade. With Version 4.0, FutureTrade has responded by providing a single platform which accommodates the needs of funds with multiple prime brokers, trading a variety of global asset classes through multiple brokers. With our flexible configuration options and integrated real-time data, P/L and independent TCA, FutureTrade can be an order management system to some of our clients and an execution management system to others."

While FutureTrade offers a highly developed and sophisticated trading suite, the user interface is simple and adaptable to each trader's unique workflow. FutureTrade 4.0 enables institutional customers to benefit from comprehensive trading technology which provides increased efficiency and customization, while enabling users to:
  • Trade equities and options through a single integrated user interface
  • Trade equity lists and option spreads, sweeps and buy/writes
  • Enter international symbols using any of several recognized standards
  • Monitor real-time aggregate P/L, watch Level 2 information from multiple markets, analyze sophisticated charts and view proprietary graphics in a customizable quote list
  • Identify and display the base currency of a portfolio which includes positions in multiple currencies
  • Access a suite of popular algorithms, directly access ECN's and exchanges, or route orders to preferred brokers
  • Allocate trades across accounts and brokers
  • Seamlessly integrate with Prime Brokers, leading OMS's and other essential systems
  • Evaluate transaction costs with integrated TCA
  • Benefit from expert support services and electronic trading consultation

Through its LiquidityPATH program, FutureTrade will also offer the 4.0 platform to customers of its partners which include well known prime brokers, algorithm providers, soft dollar brokers, research providers and agency brokers. "There has been unprecedented growth in buy-side electronic trading, and major brokers have responded by providing their own front ends and algorithms to support their clients' trading activities," said Sang Lee, Managing Partner of the Aite Group. "At the same time, the US buy-side is increasingly investing in non-US equities and derivatives which some of these platforms do not yet support. Many buy-side firms will see a clear value in trading multiple asset classes through a single platform provided by leading independent players like FutureTrade."

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