BNY Jaywalk's consensus ratings delivered through Eze Castle Software

Source: BNY ConvergEx

BNY ConvergEx Group, a leader in agency brokerage and investment technology solutions, announced today that BNY Jaywalk's Consensus ratings and one-page summary reports are available through the Eze Castle Software (ECS) order management system (OMS).

This seamless integration enables ECS OMS users to view BNY Jaywalk's Consensus data ratings and to access summary research reports alongside orders in the OMS blotter, as well as positions in the real-time P/L monitoring application.

Eze Castle Software is a leading provider of technology solutions to multi-strategy, global investment managers and a member of BNY ConvergEx Group. BNY Jaywalk is the independent equity research consultancy of BNY ConvergEx Group.

This convergence of the OMS and research data adds direct value to ECS clients' investment workflow by providing trades and position P/L alongside corresponding research data in the same application. Both are also available in the OMS security master. Now clients can view and access equity research data without leaving the OMS environment.

The Jaywalk Consensus aggregates the independent research providers' (IRPs) individual recommendations to provide clients with a unique snapshot of overall opinion on a given stock representing a diverse cross-section of analysts. It is the only metric of its kind that aggregates opinions across the varying research methodologies of unbiased sources to create a more balanced overall opinion. The one-page report contains additional information including the breakdown of independent ratings, stock price history, industry/sector/overall Jaywalk ranking, peer comparison and other key statistics. The Jaywalk Consensus serves as an effective catalyst to direct clients to stocks that warrant attention in a portfolio, either positive or negative.

Joseph M. Velli, Chairman and CEO of BNY ConvergEx Group, commented, "A key objective in the formation of BNY ConvergEx Group was to bring together our core competencies in order to provide our clients with integrated solutions. Adding BNY Jaywalk to the ECS platform demonstrates our commitment to provide clients with the services and solutions they require to help them stay competitive in today's demanding marketplace. We will continue to leverage synergistic opportunities that benefit our clients."

David Quinlan, President of Eze Castle Software, stated, "Our clients are demanding convergence of technology from all parts of the business. Our OMS is the core technology that drives and manages the investment cycle. It manages orders, executions, allocations, commissions, position data, and compliance. Now we have added another element by incorporating research to appear alongside trades and positions so users do not need to leave their OMS environment and open another website or application to access this information."

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