BancTec launches mobile mortgage processing product

Source: BancTec

BancTec, a leading supplier of specialist financial solutions and outsourcing services, today announced the launch of eFIRST Origin for Mobile, a comprehensive mortgage processing support solution that enables independent financial advisors, brokers and field sales staff to process and monitor all stages of the mortgage application life cycle remotely.

eFIRST Origin for Mobile enables field-based financial sales people to maximise their efficiency and reduce administration time and costs by providing real-time access to Lenders' and Packagers' mortgage processing systems, while away from the office. Users gain instant access to current mortgage and loan product information via a web-like interface. During face-to-face customer meetings they can record customer details remotely, select and complete a range of product application forms, access real-time credit scoring systems and then submit them instantly to eFIRST Origin for approval. Application status updates can be requested at any time and no re-keying is required.

BancTec's eFIRST Origin for Mobile solution is a powerful combination of two flagship products. eFIRST Origin is a web-based solution for automating the entire mortgage pre-completion process. The system features workflow, status tracking, document production, reporting, powerful system maintenance facilities and on-line support. eFIRST Mobile supplies the underlying communications architecture to enable rapid, remote access to eFIRST Origin. If used in an area with mobile data coverage (GPRS, 3G or WIFI) BancTec's secure, compact compression achieves instantaneous transmission, despite the low bandwidths of protocols such as GPRS. If mobile data coverage is not available users can still enter data, then the transmission is queued and dispatched automatically when coverage is resumed.

According to James Silcock, Business Development Director at BancTec, "eFIRST Origin for Mobile is a natural fusion between two established solutions, and clearly demonstrates that our acquisition of SDS Applications in 2005 has delivered tangible, incremental value to the mortgage and loans marketplace. eFIRST Origin, formerly known as SDS MAPS, is widely used and recognised as a market leading mortgage processing solution. By combining eFIRST Origin with eFIRST Mobile, we have provided a secure and reliable sales tool that will save time and money for remote workers based across the UK and Europe."

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