Wachovia welcomes DataSynapse GridServer infrastructure upgrade


DataSynapse, Inc., the fastest-growing provider of grid computing software for commercial applications, today announced at the GlobusWORLD conference in San Francisco significant enhancements to its GridServer product.

The new capabilities go beyond traditional compute-intense grids to drive quantifiable benefits in application processing speed, resiliency, scalability and time-to-build and deploy.

DataSynapse's GridServer technology provides organizations with a flexible operating environment to manage diverse applications and resource types across lines of business. Additional functionality to GridServer broadens its range of supported applications to address volume-intensive, legacy applications, Web services and mainframe environments, while continuing to support industry standards and interoperability with the Globus Toolkit. A new paradigm of IT infrastructure, GridServer enables organizations to leverage existing system capacity to access computing power as needed, resulting in reduced IT costs and improved quality of service levels. By decoupling applications from dedicated servers to operate within a virtual environment, compute resources can be shared throughout the enterprise to increase system utilization by more than 90 percent.

"With the latest release of GridServer, Wachovia can now grid-enable a more diverse mix of applications, including transactional and service-based applications," said Mark Cates, Chief Technology Officer for Wachovia's Corporate and Investment Bank. "GridServer is a valuable technology tool that we rely on to scale the business, control infrastructure costs and maintain a high quality of service."

The latest version of GridServer comprises three key components:

Application Services Management
Provides capability to monitor, distribute and manage application workloads within a hosted application services environment. Includes application-level policy management required to effectively distribute and services across multiple compute resources and lines of business.

Operations Management
Highlights of this component include dynamic service provisioning in an autonomic (self-healing) operating environment. Supports guaranteed execution at the application level with auto-recovery at the system infrastructure level.

Grid Resource Management
Functionality includes policy management at the system level to ensure resources can be leveraged across an organization as needed. New capabilities support utility computing initiatives, so organizations may shift to a variable cost model in which users pay based on their consumption of resources.

GridServer users have documented 25 to 50 times improvement in application performance; 70 percent increases in utilization; reduced application failure by 90 percent; and achieved five times greater capacity and throughput with existing resources.

"Our next generation technology, GridServer is unique in its application-centric approach to grid computing," said Frank Cicio, SVP, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer, DataSynapse. "The ability for infrastructure technology to dynamically adapt to business change while optimizing existing IT investments is of paramount importance to our customers. With GridServer we are able to meet this demand with a flexible, standards-based solution that quickly grid-enables applications."

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