FinApps moves to .Net; enhances Troika system

Source: FinApps

FinApps, a UK based provider of software for the wealth management industry announces its move to .NET and the addition of new modules to the Troika system.

In the last year FinApps has worked with a number of their clients to add functionality to Troika. This has led to the development of two new modules, with a further currently in production. The changes are extensive and open up a number of potential markets including fund and investment management. The modules specifically address the management of collective investments and fund management. Troika now meets the requirements of fund managers in an international environment.

As well as working closely with their clients, FinApps integrate with a number of software partners to compliment Troika and provide users with an agile system. The move to .NET enhances this flexibility and provides for significant scalability enabling FinApps to provide clients with the tools they need in a fast changing environment.

Mick Jones, Managing Director of FinApps Limited said; "Our main objective when further developing Troika is to provide our clients with new tools and functionality. Our clients have sophisticated business process requirements; by working with them as development partners we know that Troika will always offer full and current functionality. Our main focus is to make our development process transparent to clients. We are very aware of the risks to users of a 'big bang - total re-write' approach that some software providers adopt, and users are rightly sceptical of such a strategy. We are therefore moving existing functionality to .NET on a module by module basis making use of existing code wherever possible."

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