DataWiz launches Mobile Banker

Source: DataWiz

DataWiz Technologies, an innovator in mobile content delivery, today announced the immediate availability of Mobile Banker, a complete software solution to enable banks to instantly provide their account holders with mobile banking services.

Mobile Banker enables consumers to directly interact with their bank through any Internet ready mobile phone, PDA, or PC. Consumers can securely conduct a variety of banking activities through their mobile device such as view account information, make account enquiries, generate intra and inter bank transactions, make bill payments, apply for loans, receive NSF and fraud alerts.

Mobile Banker supports over 3,000 mobile phones and PDAs making this a perfect solution for the mass consumer market. The application offers much more than simple mobile banking functions and can compliment existing traditional Internet banking systems, creating new revenue opportunities for banks.

Mobile Banker benefits:
  • Convenience - No need to depend on a PC with an Internet connection
  • Improved Service - Alerts & notifications can be set for fraud monitoring, account thresholds or unusual account activities
  • Easy to use - No software to download and configure on the mobile device
  • Device Support - Over 3,000 different mobile phones and PDAs are supported worldwide
  • Eliminate Costs - Lower expenses by reducing branch visits and phone calls to your call center

"DataWiz's Mobile Banker enables banks to instantly offer mobile banking services to their customers. We can have mobile banking services implemented in a matter of weeks", says Noel Gunaratne, CEO of DataWiz Technologies.

"Mobile Banker also provides account holders the ability to access their accounts at anytime and from anywhere in the world by using any Internet ready mobile device or PC. Our mobile solution will enhance the customer experience, reduce expenses and enable the bank to build closer relationships with their clients", notes Gunaratne.

The application is pre-configured by DataWiz which dramatically reduces deployment time and provides banks with a low risk path to implement mobile services. The application is based on standard banking processes and has been designed by an integrated team of banking experts and mobile technology specialists.

Mobile Banker benefits for banks:
  • Extend your market reach. Instantly be available for all mobile subscribers
  • Increase revenue. Customers will pay for the added convenience
  • Minimal upfront capital investment. Low risk path to deploy mobile services
  • Improved marketing campaigns. Sign up new clients from competitor banks

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