Bremer switches to Corillian Web banking platform

Source: Corillian

Corillian (NASDAQ: CORI), the top provider of online banking, payment and security solutions for the financial services industry, today announced that Bremer Financial Corporation, a $6.6 billion regional financial services company headquartered in St. Paul, Minn, has selected Corillian to provide next-generation online banking and payment services to its more than 200,000 customers.

Bremer - committed to providing an improved user experience for customers - will leverage Corillian Consumer Banking and Corillian Payments to build on the bank's existing online banking and payment efforts. Corillian Consumer Banking was selected for its technology, depth of functionality and industry best practices. Corillian Payments will enhance the end user experience while also providing Bremer with flexibility in processing electronic payments and generating cost savings for the bank.

In addition to Corillian Consumer Banking and Corillian Payments, Bremer will implement Corillian Family Banking and Corillian Personal Money Manger (PMM). Corillian Family Banking is a holistic financial management solution allowing users to securely grant access to family members and other joint account holders, as well as third parties to more effectively manage their finances. Corillian Personal Money Manager (PMM) is an innovative transaction reporting and analysis solution, which significantly expands online access to account history and enhances online reporting and tracking.

"At Bremer, we continually look for ways to enhance the service experience of our clients," said Tom Ryan, sr. vice president and chief information officer. "By teaming with Corillian, we will take our internet site to a new level - providing services that our clients need and want. This enhancement represents a significant investment in our technology and reflects Bremer's commitment to take action on behalf of our clients. This partnership will allow us to enhance the customer experience while also helping us manage costs."

With Corillian Consumer Banking, Bremer can offer an industry-leading online banking service to its customers, while also maintaining the ability to tailor the site with flexible configuration. This will enable Bremer to maximize its online banking effectiveness and further differentiate the financial institution as it meets the growing needs of its customers.

Corillian Payments will allow Bremer to gain strategic control of the payments process. With flexible routing and payment options, Corillian Payments will enable Bremer to have ownership of the payment information and determine the most flexible and cost-effective method for processing electronic and paper payments.

"Our partnership with Bremer Financial is another example of financial institutions looking to Corillian to help them get to the next level in delivering online financial services to their customers," said Alex Hart, president and CEO of Corillian. "More and more financial institutions are coming to Corillian because their current systems aren't providing the features or performance that people expect from the online channel. The capabilities available in Corillian Consumer Banking are enabling customers like Bremer to strategically focus on the online channel to improve the customer experience, drive down costs and seek out revenue opportunities."

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