Passfaces adds ContactWorks and Red Rider to reseller network

Source: Passfaces

Passfaces Corporation announced last night the addition of two resellers to its growing list of partners.

ContactWorks, a customer contact management organization and Red Rider Informatics, a multi level systems organization specializing in local, wide area and communications infrastructures will now be offering Passfaces authentication technology to existing customers. ContactWorks is already a user of Passfaces technology in its national customer contact center. Both organizations serve a variety of markets including: manufacturing, banks and credit unions, e-commerce companies, health care, contact and call centers, international markets, local, state and federal government agencies and technology companies.

By offering Passfaces innovative authentication technology ContactWorks and Red Rider Informatics can now address the online security needs of a number of diverse markets. Both resellers will offer the full Passfaces product line under this agreement. These products include: Passfaces Financial, Passfaces Web Access and Passfaces for Windows.

"The Passfaces Partner Program has been embraced by a wide variety of organizations serving a variety of markets. The overwhelming interest in this program reflects the need for innovative technologies that meet the growing need for additional security when online," said Paul Barrett, CEO, Passfaces. "Gartner Group estimates that $2.8 billion will be lost this year due to phishing attacks alone. This is one additional security capability that Passfaces offers - two way authentication that virtually eliminates the likelihood of users successfully being phished and having their password, PIN or personal information stolen."

"After deploying Passfaces internally for our employees and seeing its ease of use we decided to become a reseller of this technology. This unique authentication technology is going to be of interest to many of the clients we already serve, as a strong, very easy-to-use security addition to their corporate networks," said Tom Sultenfuss, President, ContactWorks.

Passfaces is an innovative, ppve, patented strong authentication technology that leverages the brain's innate cognitive ability to recognize human faces - a powerful and completely intuitive skill. Passfaces authenticates the person, rather than a device or piece of software and cannot be forgotten, lost or easily stolen. The technology meets all requirements for consumer authentication - security, usability, reliability, portability, manageability and low cost - providing a highly reliable strong authentication solution that builds customer confidence while supporting business risk management objectives.

"Red Rider Informatics can now address the online security needs of our customers and provide an affordable solution for the 10 - 50 user marketplace, as well as the larger one billion plus dollar manufacturers.

Passfaces is a much needed technology that is cost effective. This new offering is going to be very attractive to our customer base. We look forward to working with Passfaces to further distribute this technology," said Rick Perlstein, VP Sales, Red Rider Informatics.

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