NCR adds DigitalPersona biometric fingerprint technology to PoS terminals

Source: DigitalPersona

DigitalPersona, Inc., the leading provider of fingerprint authentication solutions for enterprise networks and commercial applications, today announced that global technology leader NCR Corporation offers DigitalPersona's biometric fingerprint technology as an integrated component of selected NCR retail point-of-sale (POS) solutions.

NCR is one of the leading store automation technology providers to integrate and promote biometrics in the industry. Through its POS solutions, NCR helps retailers use fingerprint authentication to create a verifiable, user-unique audit trail that can facilitate authentication and monitoring of POS terminal access, track employee time and attendance, and help manage override voids and returns.

The use of fingerprint authentication thus helps eliminate common productivity problems in the retail environment related to time and attendance system inaccuracies or abuses.

"We're pleased to be working with NCR, which has solid experience in developing market-leading POS solutions," said Michael Printz, vice president of worldwide sales for DigitalPersona. "The availability of biometrically enabled NCR POS terminals is getting attention from a number of retailers that would not have sought out biometrics on their own when updating their POS technology."

"The demanding retail environment calls for POS systems that are reliable and able to withstand ongoing harsh usage," said Greg Egan, NCR vice president for Assisted Service Solutions. "Following a rigorous evaluation process, we selected DigitalPersona as providing the high quality and optical technology needed to meet our requirements."

DigitalPersona provides developers in the retail sector with software development kit tools they need to deliver the security and convenience of fingerprint authentication in POS, time and attendance, kiosks and human resources products. The relationship with NCR highlights the growing interest from a number of leading developers in working with DigitalPersona for its industry-proven fingerprint authentication solutions.

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