TSX enhances trading platform

Source: TSX Group

TSX Markets President Rik Parkhill today announced the successful completion of TSXPress Version 3 - the third major trading system enhancement for TSX Markets in 2006.

TSXPress is an innovative series of trading system enhancements aimed at optimizing execution speeds for algorithmic traders on its current platform. "We've seen a significant increase, almost doubling, in orders on our system in 2006 with our busiest trading day ever on November 1st," said Mr. Parkhill. "At the same time, the TSXPress initiative has seen our trading system response time drop by more than one-half during this same period."

The latest enhancement focused on adding more memory management to the platform, effectively streamlining repeat inquiries on TSX's busiest trading issues.

The TSXPress initiative was announced earlier this year as part of a package of new trading enhancements for Canada's largest stock exchange group. Mr. Parkhill said, "It has been a very busy year but we remain focused on our goal of providing best-of-class solutions to compete effectively with exchanges anywhere."

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