Aleri reports HSBC Private Bank implementation; upgrades Streaming Platform

Source: Aleri Labs

Aleri Labs announced today that HSBC Private Bank has selected the Aleri Streaming Platform to enhance their data processing capabilities.

HSBC Private Bank undertook an extensive evaluation and testing process to select technology that could effectively address a number of their real-time data requirements, which led to their selection of Aleri Labs as a provider.

"We are always looking for new technologies that can improve how effectively we serve our customers. We wanted to enhance our ability to meet the evolving needs of the bank in terms of both speed and scale, and after a careful selection process, we selected Aleri Labs," said Peter Cook, Head of IT, HSBC Group Private Banking.

"HSBC Private Bank is a leader in adopting new technology and we are thrilled to have them as a new customer," said Don DeLoach, CEO, Aleri Labs. "They really see the value of event stream processing technology in supporting the processing of ever larger data volumes at increasingly faster speeds."

Separately, Aleri Labs, a leading provider of event stream processing technology for the financial services industry, today introduced the Aleri Streaming Platform v2.0. Major enhancements to the Aleri Streaming Platform include the introduction of FlexStream™, which enables highly customizable data streams; as well as support for clustering; improved ease-of-use; and features for high availability.

FlexStream expands the versatility of event stream processing technology beyond what is available in the marketplace today. By providing a completely customizable event stream, analogous to writing a macro in a spreadsheet, FlexStream allows the Aleri Streaming Platform to be applied to an even wider range of application types than before.

In addition, the Aleri Streaming Platform now provides virtually unlimited scalability, with the use of new clustering features that can be used to spread a processing model across any number of servers to increase throughput.

"As event stream processing gains traction, financial institutions are finding enterprise-wide applications for the technology, far beyond the tradinrading room," said Don DeLoach, CEO of Aleri Labs. "With FlexStream and the many other enhancements to the Aleri Streaming Platform, Aleri Labs offers the user-friendliness and versatility required to get the most out of event stream processing."

New high-availability features include support for hot-standby pairs as well as cold spare configurations. The new version includes a number of usability enhancements, including an improved graphical user interface, and simplifications to the data model that reduce the learning curve and make it easier than ever to quickly implement event processing logic.

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