A&L rolls out FileNet content and business process management platform

Source: Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank

Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank has selected FileNet to automate case handling and empower employees with instant access to customer documents.

Using FileNet's P8 Enterprise Content and Business Process Management (ECCPM) platform, designed and implemented in conjunction with Accenture's Information Management Services team, Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank will replace its microfilm library of cheque, deposit and application form images, which accumulates at a rate of around 600,000 items a day. As a result, Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank will achieve even faster case handling, greaterproductivity, further improved customer service and better visibility through its processes.

FileNet's P8 platform provides Alliance & Leicester with an electronic repository of scanned images of cheques, forms and customer correspondence. These images are then available to support speedier and more effective query handling. Each customer services adviser has, at their fingertips, a complete knowledge of the customer, their recent contacts with the bank and the history and current status of any outstanding requests.

Julie Hughes, Business Programme Manager, at Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank said: "FileNet enables us to become even more customer focused with the ability to more often answer a customer's query while they are on the phone with all the information at our fingertips. This offers both a customer service improvement and a reduced cost of processing from not having to hand off or follow up a query.

FileNet P8 also improves case visibility for Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank, as the customer service advisers can see instantly how far through the process the case has progressed. They and their manager also have a clearer view of their own workloads, with an understanding of which cases are currently awaiting their action, allowing them to prioritise and plan their time. Combined with automation and workflow components within FileNet P8, the bank can also speed up processing in the back office.

Hughes continued: "We chose FileNet from a range of Enterprise Content Management and Busines Business Process Management suppliers because we had a proven track record with FileNet earlier versions of image and workflow, used in our Mortgage Operations and Commercial Customer Services. We are already reaping benefits from phase one of the FileNet P8 implementation and will continue to roll the project out in further stages for a broad range of processes, leading to a near-paperless operation. Beyond that, there is scope to deploy FileNet P8 more widely across the business."

Brenda Morris, regional vice president, Northern Europe, at FileNet said: "Customer expectations of financial services companies continue to rise and, in a competitive marketplace, banks have to put the customer experience at the centre of their operations. Alliance & Leicester Commercial Bank is empowering its customer service advisers and its contact centres with the tools and information that they need to provide a premium level of service and to continue to stay one step ahead of the game. The company can also expect to see notable internal benefits in staff efficiency and physical storage costs."

FileNet P8 is a reliable, scalable and highly-available enterprise platform that enables businesses to capture, store, manage, secure and process information to increase operational efficiency and lower total cost of ownership.

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