Xeye releases Wealth Manager 4.0

Source: Xeye

Xeye, the leading provider of wealth management technology solutions to the financial services industry, announced the release of WealthManager 4.0 in Toronto, at Xeye’s 2006 User Conference.

The release of WealthManager 4.0 will help Xeye extend its functional and technology advantages in the wealth management industry and help fuel Xeye's global growth strategy.
WealthManager 4.0 includes many new features, including: Xeye's next generation web-based architecture, role specific dashboards, enhanced portfolio analytics, prospecting tools, wealth team workflow improvements, and a rich user experience in the browser. In addition, WealthManager 4.0 will extend Xeye's service oriented architecture and data integration capabilities, and further expand Xeye's lead as a proven enterprise partner.
Release 4.0 offers wealth managers and financial advisors the ability to enhance their productivity and achieve rapid ROI with their WealthManager deployments. Building on WealthManager's unmatched ability to provide deep views into all aspects of relationships with clients and their portfolios, Release 4.0 introduces a uniquely powerful user interface that makes the system's market-leading features faster and easier to use than ever before. Xeye's platform is highly scalable and configurable, providing high levels of operational control while at the same time affording a great degree of customization to individual users and business lines.
"We are extremely excited about the launch WealthManager 4.0," said Craig O'Neill, CEO of Xeye. "Initial feedback from our clients and industry experts has been very positive. We've done some really innovative things to make even the most sophisticated features of WealthManager quick and easy to use. As a result, Release 4.0 makes WealthManager an even more powerful tool for advisors and wealth managers. A good deal of the new functionality that we're delivering was requested by our customers and we are pleased to be able to fulfill their needs with the release of WealthManager 4.0."
"The WealthManager 4.0 rollout is exciting in a number of ways," said John Fennelly, Managing Director of US Operations ons for Xeye. "The marons ons for Xeye. "The market is clearly looking for holistic solutions that are easy to use and provide a great degree of functionality as well as flexibility. Release 4.0 will deliver a full suite of features that mirrors the entire wealth management spectrum, from client acquisition all the way through the client review process, and will allow Xeye's clients to grow their business while gaining enhanced client service capabilities."

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