Strategy Runner named TT Connected Partner

Source: Trading Technologies

Trading Technologies International, Inc. (TT) and Strategy Runner (US) Ltd. today announced that Strategy Runner has been named a TT Connected Partner. Through the TT Partner Program, Strategy Runner's server will connect to TT's high-speed exchange gateways via TT's FIX Adapter.

"We are pleased to recognize Strategy Runner as a TT Connected Partner. Working together, both Strategy Runner and TT will benefit," said Jerry O'Connor, VP API Connectivity.

"We are pleased to become a TT Connected Partner," said Dr. Anna Becker, Strategy Runner CEO. "Our experience shows that TT has developed the fastest, most reliable exchange gateways in the futures industry. The integration with TT's FIX Adapter allows Strategy Runner customers to leverage the integration between TT's exchange gateways and Strategy Runner's server-based technology to develop and execute their trading algorithms and signals across multiple TT installations through a secure centralized location."

The TT Partner Program facilitates relationships with companies worldwide to integrate TT's technology into their products. The program provides partners with development support, certification testing, sales and marketing assistance and other resources to help them create and market their products. Partner firms fall into several categories including Algorithmic Trading Solutions, Automated Trading Solutions, Consulting Services, Direct Market Access (DMA) Platforms, Integrated Front Ends, Order and Execution Management Systems, Risk Management Systems, Trading Development Frameworks and Trading Front Ends.

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