S1 and IBM virtualise bank teller station

Source: S1

Today S1 Corporation (Nasdaq: SONE), a leading provider of customer interaction software for financial and payment services, and IBM Corporation (NYSE: IBM) announced their joint solution for deploying a first of its kind "branch in a box." The solution eliminates the need to run costly individual PCs at each teller station within a bank branch.

The virtual PCs run S1 Enterprise Teller, the industry's first smart- client teller application and only solution that fits neatly into this technology because of the small required footprint of the smart-client.

S1 Enterprise Teller is accessed using a ClearCube I/Port, located at the teller station to communicate to the virtual PC via the branch LAN. The iPort serves as the hub for the keyboard, display, mouse, scanner printer and any other device typically associated with a teller station.

A bank can then eliminate individual PCs and rely on a server that lasts nearly twice as long as a traditional server in the banking environment.

"Branch in a Box" will be demonstrated at the upcoming BAI Retail Delivery Conference & Expo in the IBM booth 2024. The conference is scheduled for November 14-16, 2006 in Las Vegas, Nevada. Please also visit S1 at booth 1118 for more details on implementing "Branch in a Box."

"Financial institutions are faced with increasing expenses while trying to streamline efficiencies and offer more services to their customers," said Drew Lamparello, Director Product Management, Full Service Banking, S1 Corporation. "The S1-IBM Branch in a Box solution will allow a bank's IT organization to minimize the hardware required at each teller station, automate failover should a server fail, and reduce the headcount required to operate and maintain the branch network. This is a tremendous step forward in offering banks innovative technology to reduce expenses and improve service levels to branch users."

Lamparello continued, "Large banks with extensive branches have PCs at each teller station, incur tremendous support expenses for the set up of initial hardware, installation, and ongoing maintenance. Branch in a box immediately reduces expenses, requiring only one point of support and one point of hardware."

"Virtualization is critical to streamlining operations across all industries, but is particularly valuable to the banking industry faced with significant support expenses," said Michael Mohrman, FSS Banking Alliance Manager, IBM. "Our partnership with S1 provides an ideal opportunity to offer banks the critical technology needed to improve overall efficiencies and service within the branch. Banks that leverage S1 Enterprise Teller in this environment will have a great competitive advantage and are well poised to strengthen their leadership position in the market."

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