Vhayu launches Velocity for Options service

Source: Vhayu

Vhayu, a leader in streaming tick processing and persistence software, today announced availability of Vhayu Velocity for Options which provides real-time analytics and storage of dynamic options market data.

Velocity for Options is the only tick capture engine available that can scan and analyse the entire US equities options market in real-time, with no latency and zero tick loss, providing securities trading firms a significant competitive advantage in options trading operations.

"Traders today face a daunting challenge in terms of how they can effectively manage the massive amounts of options data flooding the market from automated options quoting and other dynamic market factors," said Brad Bailey, senior analyst at Aite Group, LLC. "As the data onslaught intensifies, trading firms will need to deploy a scalable solution that can capture and analyse uncompressed OPRA feeds in real-time in order to ensure zero data loss with no degradation in trading application performance."

Velocity for Options leverages a proprietary methodology to enable faster compression and indexing of options data and dramatically increase the speed and scalability of trading applications. Featuring built-in symbology mapping, it ties option symbols to underlying equities symbols for seamless matching and verification. Additionally users have tremendous flexibility to define the data they want to analyse and store with customisable field definitions for trades, quotes, trade cancellations and option information records.

Offering a choice of OPRA direct or aggregated vendor feed handlers, Velocity for Options includes a complete set of APIs to intuitively call each record type with limited coding, reducing operational expenses while improving time to market. The scalable, fault tolerant market data platform also delivers multi-casting to multiple analytic engines to ensure distributed load balancing with no dropped ticks.

Based on Vhayu's innovative MegaTick Architecture, Velocity for Options supports tasks and threads independently to fully exploit the parallel capabilities of advanced hardware architectures. MegaTick is a software architecture that leverages advanced multi-thhreading techniques to guarantee the simultaneous processing and storage of incoming options data, ensuring that response time remains consistent even as the amount of data significantly increases. MegaTick also includes Nano-Locking, Vhayu's patented approach that allows an application to lock a piece of data for multiple machine instructions, leaving previous ticks available for query.

"As the US equities options market continues to produce the largest volume of tick data of any exchange, trading firms today must be able to consume, analyse and store up to one million ticks per second to power profitable options trading operations," said Jeff Hudson, CEO of Vhayu. "To meet these requirements, forward thinking firms have realised they must deploy an architecture that is designed explicitly to handle financial market data. Velocity for Options is the first market data platform specifically developed to manage the vast amount of options data, which continues to double annually in volume. By processing and persisting each tick of options data in real-time and historically, we can virtually eliminate resource limitations to extract maximum performance from trading applications."

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