Shanghai Stock Exchange opens new data centre

Source: Shanghai Stock Exchange

The new computer machine room of the Shanghai Stock Exchange (SSE), located at Shanghai Stock Exchange Building, was open yesterday. It will provide a safe, reliable and advanced physical and technical environment for scheduled launch of the SSE's New Generation Trading System and promotion of new trading and products systems in the future.

The project of the new computer machine room, reconstructed and expanded based on the original machine room, with limited construction area and close to major online technical systems, is much more difficult than a new construction project. The construction time is specially moved to the nights and holidays in case of risks in the operation of the trading system. With such difficulties as lifting of large-scale steel structures and mechanical & electrical equipment being overcome, the project is finally completed in high quality, without affecting the working trading system.

According to an SSE official, the new machine room, which makes full use of long-term technology experience and advantages in IT infrastructure construction of the SSE, is designed and built according to the standard of integrated machine rooms with international advanced level, all-direction safety, reasonable plan and powerful management. The project, started in July 2005, was carried out in two phases. The fist phase, the operation machine room, was completed in March 2006, after which rolling relocation for each online technical system of the SSE was completed as well. The second phase, the whole machine room, including the operation machine room and the control center, was entirely completed in October 2006.

According to the official, the aim of the SSE is to make the machine room a intelligentized one with good flexibility and strong adaptation to the changes of future business and to the adjustment to operation functions. Meanwhile, the SSE takes full consideration on future network management of the machine room to reach the internationally advanced and safety level.

It is also learnt that the new machine room, a modern and stylish architecture, with sufficient and reliable multiple power supply in terms of power distribution system, high-power precision air conditioners in terms of air-conditioning system, all-direction and real-time operation monitoring in terms of environment monitoring, advanced full-capacity PnP connectivity system in terms of weak current engineering, and multi-view monitoring and double detection (infrared and microwave) system in terms of safeguard system, embodies the superiority of a comprehensive and modern machine room and will be the solid groundwork for the further technical innovation and development of the SSE in the near future.

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