Lynx launches 4Series software


Lynx Wealth Management Systems, the leading supplier of wealth management systems to the financial services industry, has enhanced the information gathering, distribution and reporting capabilities of its 4Series software with the release of V9.0.

V9.0 introduces significant enhancements to the 4Series Private Banker product, extending its functionality into small to medium sized treasury departments and enabling further system integration. The New 4Series Limits Module, a new feature, now enables dealers to run a sophisticated limits checking process, as well as check customer account balances and rates and list all current Fixed Deals for each customer.

Customers also have the ability through V9.0 to maintain the minimum debt and credit interest rates at account level, by automatic adjustment to the interest spreads upon any amendment to the base rate - saving valuable input time and reducing the potential for error. Account Maintenance now also includes validation to ensure that the debit and credit interest rates occur within the minimum and maximum range, as defined in the Account Type and Currency Matrix, enhancing accuracy.

The Fund and Trust products have also been enhanced with several new features, including the ability to back date variable interest rates on variable rate bonds. This eliminates the need to make manual adjustments and enables fund managers, private bankers and trust administrators to apply their time and expertise more efficiently and effectively.

Lynx has also enhanced Funds Distributions through enhanced processing to record history and update the ledger accounts, improved capital and income reporting, and the means to pay out distributions by cheque or data export.

The ability to produce correspondence for funds, in addition to the existing functionality that covers companies and trusts, is now available for the first time to further reduce the need to enter information manually.

John Mosedale, managing director of Lynx Wealth Management Systems, said: "We have developed V9.0 specifically to address our customers' requirements for enhanced accuracy and speed through automation of manual processes and integration of business functions. As processes become more complex, we understand that it is even more important to be able to rely on the validity and precision of your data - and access and process information quickly and easily."

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