Nationwide launches complete online mortgage application facility

Source: Nationwide

Nationwide Building Society is offering its customers the facility to complete their mortgage application online.

Applying direct to the Society over the internet, customers can choose their product and reserve the deal. Nationwide, the first financial services institution to offer internet banking in the market place, has extended its online presence by providing borrowers with the option of securing a mortgage from the comfort of their own home.

Increasingly more and more consumers are banking online. The number of people choosing to manage their finances online has doubled in the last four years to just over 12 million. As people's lives become more hectic, consumers demand functionality from their banking provider that allows them to do their financial business when they want to. For a long time consumers have been asking for a mortgage application process that is fully internet based and Nationwide is pleased to meet their demands.

Online mortgage application process

Choose a mortgage product and get a Key Facts Illustration
Complete minimal application information to get a decision in principle
Fill in remaining application information, pay any fees and submit online
Stuart Bernau, executive director at Nationwide, said: "Ten years ago when we launched the first internet banking facility, we signed up five thousand people by the end of the year. Now we have nearly three million users registered for our service. This increased demand clearly shows the way people manage their money is changing and it seems only right that we allow them to arrange their biggest financial commitment online too.

"It's really worth consumers taking a look at our online site when choosing their mortgage. If people are unsure as to which mortgage they want, they can get information online, call an adviser within our UK-based call centres, or visit a branch for a consultation. They can then complete the application online as soon as they are ready giving them greater flexibility and time to consider all of the available options."

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