Syndera introduces e-trading intelligence system

Source: Syndera

Syndera Corporation announced today the introduction of Syndera Electronic Trading Intelligence for Fixed Income and Foreign Exchange.

This pre-defined solution increases revenue through insight gained from market and customer intelligence and reduces risk through proactive management of electronic trading and the trade flow.

"The adoption of electronic trading in fixed income and foreign exchange has changed the nature of the market by increasing the number of participants and creating advantages of scale for trade processing and management," said Tom Price, Senior Analyst, Securities and Capital Markets, TowerGroup. "As the degree of automation increases, technology solutions that provide real-time insight into market and customer trends will become a competitive necessity."

Syndera Electronic Trading Intelligence is comprised of four components to address the varied needs of the fixed income and foreign exchange front-office: Market Intelligence, Customer Intelligence, Trader Intelligence, and Operations Intelligence. Each is comprised of a real-time dashboard with personalized metrics and alerts to highlight significant opportunities and risks.
  • Market Intelligence provides a holistic view of electronic and voice trading platforms and empowers traders with visibility into trading profits and marketplace trends throughout the day so they can make more profitable trading decisions.
  • Customer Intelligence enables sell-side firms to gain superior customer intelligence, understand where the "smart money" is moving, and then leverage this information to improve revenue.
  • Trader Intelligence allows managers to understand real-time and historical trend performance of voice and electronic trading in order to identify opportunities for improved desk performance.
  • Operations Intelligence provides primary operations information so users can manage trade exposures, trading risk, and system latency within their environment to give them an understanding of how well the overall trading platform is performing.

"Some of the world's largest capital markets companies in fixed income and foreign exchange use Syndera Electronic Trading Intelligence to monitor key business metrics and events, as they occur, to gain insight into their trading business," said Janet Heppner-Jones, CEO, Syndera Corporation. "This allows them to execute the best strategies for their clients while generating greater profits at a lower risk."

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