KB Tech to support CMS WebView's TDI product

Source: CMS WebView

CMS WebView plc has agreed that KB Tech Ltd will provide technical consultancy in support of CMS' new marketing model for its proprietary TDI software product.

As recently reported by CMS, the new marketing strategy for TDI is based on sales of the intellectual property (i.e. the computer source code) to companies that will assume full control and ongoing development of TDI within their own organisation.

KB Tech Ltd., whose senior developers have previously worked with TDI, will provide the technical training, product familiarisation and demonstrations to interested IT personnel at target customers.

By adopting its new marketing strategy, CMS has removed a substantial barrier to any potential TDI sale. Many large organisations prefer not to depend on smaller suppliers for mission critical systems, which this strategy circumvents.

Bob Antell, Chief Executive of CMS WebView, commented: "Forming a relationship with KB Tech serves the key purpose of securing a highly expert technical resource from a company with professionals with existing significant experience of TDI. It also supports the best interest of CMS shareholders by meeting our main business objective of seeking to increase turnover without adding to central overheads."

David Briggs, Director of KB Tech, added: "We are pleased to be providing technical support to CMS WebView as it targets new customers for its TDI suite of software. It is software we know very well, and we are aware of the benefits it provides. We are delighted to be working together with CMS."

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