Whitehill Technologies releases Tracker 6.4

Source: Whitehill Technologies

Whitehill Technologies, Inc. today announced the release of Tracker 6.4, designed to work with SERFF version 5 being released by NAIC (the National Association of Insurance Commissioners) on October 30, 2006.

SERFF, the System for Electronic Rate and Form Filing, is an electronic system that lets insurance companies file products with the U.S. Insurance Departments for approval. Whitehill's Tracker 6.4 integrates seamlessly with SERFF and extends its capabilities, letting insurers automate the entire process of researching, preparing, submitting and tracking the status of filings for new and revised products.

Whitehill's Tracker software reduces filing times by 50% over SERFF alone. Tracker does this by eliminating inefficient manual processes, and enabling the creation of multi-state filings en masse. Tracker's direct integration with SERFF means users are spared the time-consuming tasks of converting filing documents and uploading them to SERFF. Communications from the State Insurance Departments are sent back to Tracker allowing the entire filing package to be stored electronically by the insurer, providing a secure archival record of the process.

"Speed to market is critical for companies in today's competitive environment," says Debbi Marquette, Director of Compliance Solutions, Whitehill Technologies, Inc. "Tracker 6.4 helps insurers get new products to market faster by automating the whole process, from creating state-specific language, to submitting all documents from a single interface, to providing status updates and reports on rates, rules forms and advertisements."

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