Sungard signs Denver Investment Advisors to IMpower ASP

Source: Sungard

SunGard today announced that Denver Investment Advisors, an independent investment advisory firm, has deployed IMpower, SunGard's application service provider (ASP) portfolio management solution, to support its global investment operations.

A SunGard customer for 22 years, Denver used IMpower's predecessor platform. It conducted an extensive evaluation to research all portfolio management platform options before upgrading to IMpower. The decisive factors in Denver's selection of IMpower included its technology, support for data access, scalability, reporting capabilities, and full-featured fixed income processing and analytics package. Denver will utilize IMpower to support its global institutional and high net worth business lines, which encompass both equity and fixed income strategies.

"With IMpower, we are able to support all of our global accounts on one system," said Todger Anderson, partner at Denver Investment Advisors. "IMpower can handle the volume of accounts we manage and will also help us save valuable time with its intuitive and flexible reporting capabilities. In continuing our long-standing relationship with SunGard, and leveraging the company's experience in providing technology and ASP services, our firm can focus on those core activities that distinguish us in the marketplace."

"Denver Investment Advisors' continued commitment to SunGard provides further indication of the momentum that IMpower is gaining as a portfolio management system capable of supporting global strategies," said Doug Morgan, president of SunGard's investment systems business unit. "IMpower offers Denver the ability to streamline its operations while still delivering the flexibility and scalability to help respond to rapid changes in the market environment."

Separately, SunGard announced today that its FAME Feed, a high-speed digital feed of real-time exchange and market data, is being used by The Associated Press (AP) to aggregate financial data from various stock exchanges and data sources. FAME delivers live data snapshots throughout the day to the AP, a key provider of news and market data for the U.S. newspaper and broadcast industry.

SunGard's FAME Feed, a primary source for daily data on equiddata on equities, mutual funds, money markets, foreign exchange, options and indexes, provides for integration into dynamic applications, user desktops, databases and calculation engines. It helps AP to manage the complexities of real-time data aggregation and normalization to provide timely data solutions.

AP also integrates FAME market data into its Grand Central Stocks database, a service that allows AP's customers to fully customize and localize their newspaper market tables, and which powers AP's Money & Markets paginated solutions.

"The Associated Press powers more than 90 percent of the newspaper market tables in the United States, and we continue to develop new solutions for the industry," said Michael Salk, AP's director of business and financial products. "Our new arrangement allows us to concentrate on innovative services, such as delivering financial data in page-ready, plug-and-play formats for immediate publishing after market close."

In addition, SunGard provides AP with redundant sites and recovery services to help ensure continuity and fast recovery time, to help reduce the risk of delays in getting data to its customers quickly in the event of a service interruption.

"For data-reliant organizations like Associated Press, the quality, speed and reliability of financial data is the foundation of their business models," said Janet Crowley, president of SunGard's FAME business unit. "We're pleased that FAME helps the AP to focus more on innovation, integration and efficiencies that add value to their services."

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