Tibco upgrades Master Data Management software

Source: Tibco

TIBCO Software Inc. (Nasdaq: TIBX), a leading business integration and process management software company that enables real-time business, today announced the immediate availability of TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager 6.0, which serves as a cornerstone to realizing the full benefits of a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

TIBCO's latest Master Data Management (MDM) application delivers unparalleled data quality and governance across the value chain for more accurate, consistent, and timely information.

"Master data management (MDM) is becoming a business imperative for many organizations and is increasingly being designed for service-oriented architecture environments," said David Newman, Research Vice President, Information Infrastructure, Gartner, Inc. "In this capacity, we see MDM helping organizations to expose a layer of business services to achieve consistency, accuracy and integrity of information assets in support of key customer initiatives."

TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager 6.0 provides the necessary information alignment for integrating business services with confidence across siloed and disparate applications within an SOA. By exposing information and application functionality through a web services layer, TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager 6.0 transforms scattered data into reusable services to accelerate the creation of business solutions, such as a global view of risk, up-sell cross-sell applications, or streamlined trade reconciliation. The entire process is driven by TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager 6.0 data governance capabilities using a powerful business process automation engine, which propels data ownership and management to the rightful business users.

"Most of the attention to SOA deployments has gone into Web service creation, deployment, and management standards and technologies," said Neeraj Gokhale, General Manager, Enterprise Information Management, TIBCO. "However, if data is inconsistent across applications, it will be increasingly difficult - if not prohibitive - to build a heterogeneous SOA services that cut across multiple systems and departments."

TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager 6.0 is an out-of-the box, industry-customized application for managing information complexity. Its extensive integration support, enhanced business rules and workflow engine, and multi-data domain capabilities create a single reference source for all critical information assets including products, customers and vendors. This in turn helps enterprise organizations, struggling with operational inefficiencies and missed revenue opportunities, improve information delivery and make better decisions. TIBCO Collaborative Information Manager 6.0 is a completely standards-based, J2EE Web application with zero-client footprint and an Asynchronous, JavaScript and XML (AJAX) interface delivering an enriched user experience.

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