EDB reports UK card services contracts

Source: EDB

Four British banks have chosen EDB as a supplier of card services for their customers.

These contracts represent total business volume of around NOK 25 million over five years, and EDB has won this business against strong competition from other suppliers.

The four banks will use EDB to deliver card issuance services. The contracts include EDB taking on responsibility for managing the entire process for producing, issuing and administering debit cards issued by these banks. The agreements also open up opportunities for EDB to supply further services in the areas of Internet banking, acquiring services and disaster recovery.

Tough international competition
EDB has focused on gaining a foothold in the UK banking market for some time.
"Competition for contracts in the international banking market is very intense, so we are extremely pleased to see that Norwegian IT banking technology has proved its competitiveness and has been chosen against strong competition from international suppliers", comments Eva Trasti, Head of the Bank & Finance market unit at EDB.

EDB already supplies 7 other UK banks, and with the new contracts it will have 11 banking customers in the UK and Channel Islands. In total, EDB supplies card management systems to 140 Norwegian and international banks.

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