North Dallas Bank teams with S1 to introduce two factor authentication

Source: S1 Corp

North Dallas Bank & Trust Co. (BULLETIN BOARD: NODB) online banking users now have a new way to protect themselves from online fraud. A new security feature employs two-factor mutual authentication to protect the front door (i.e., log-in) of NDB's online banking offerings.

"Protecting our customers is the most important thing we do," said Mike Shipman, CEO of North Dallas Bank. "With these new security features, our customers will feel safer and more confident when they log on to our Online Banking applications. They'll have no doubt that they are accessing the NDB banking site and not an imposter site. That added sense of security is crucial in strengthening the trust our customers have placed in our online products."

The new security feature is very user friendly. Customers select an image, write a brief phrase and select three challenge questions. The customer and the bank pass that information securely back and forth to confirm each other's identity.

When online banking users log on to NDB's Web site, their personalized, secret image and phrase will be displayed to validate that the site is legitimate, not a spoofed site used for phishing and pharming. The new security feature allows account access only after two levels of security have been passed: entry of a valid pass code from a recognized computer or device that must pass multiple layers of security forensics transparent to the end user. If there is any ambiguity, the system presents a challenge question that must be correctly answered before the user can access account information. The image, personal phrase and challenge questions will work together to help:

    Protect End User Accounts. When someone tries to access an account from an unrecognized computer they must correctly answer challenge questions set up by the authorized user. So even if the login ID and password have been stolen through spyware, a phony website, or even from a handwritten note, the thief would be required to answer a challenge question to get access to the account, preventing the thief from accessing personal account information.
    Confirm the website's validity. Once the authorized user enters their login ID and clicks the submit button, they will see their secret image and phrase. If the image and phrase don't appear, they could be at a fraudulent site. This capability targets a fraud called spoofing, and will help ensure that they are not fooled by fake versions of our website.

To provide this security feature, NDB partnered with S1 Corporation, a leading global provider of customer-facing software for more than 4,000 financial institutions and insurance providers around the world.

Customers can increase their security by using online banking features such as receiving and paying bills and viewing checks and statements online by eliminating the risks associated with sending items through the mail. Additionally, customers who use online banking also can detect fraud earlier by reviewing their account activity regularly, rather than waiting for a monthly statement in the mail.

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