Carreker signs UK ATM firm Cardpoint to iCom

Source: Carreker Corporation

Carreker Corporation (Nasdaq: CANI), a leading provider of technology and consulting solutions for the financial industry, today announced that Cardpoint Plc, a market leader in the independent Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) sector in Europe, has licensed its iCom solution to help optimise the cash supply chain and reduce costs on 2,000 of Cardpoint's ATMs located in the United Kingdom.

Carreker's iCom is a web-based solution for branches, ATMs, vaults and transportation providers that optimises the entire cash supply chain, resulting in cash inventory and expense reductions.

Cardpoint installs and manages a large network of ATMs at commercial and retail establishments throughout the United Kingdom, Germany and The Netherlands. These include convenience stores, hotels, hospitals, restaurants, shopping centres, cinemas and train stations.

Cardpoint is a full service member of the LINK Network, which is the only branded, shared network of ATMs and self-service terminals in the UK. LINK allows 80 million cardholders of every bank and building society in the UK to use the ATMs of other LINK members, including all of those owned or operated by Cardpoint.

In addition to allowing Cardpoint to reduce cash inventory and expenses, iCom offers a number of other benefits including: improving transportation scheduling and vendor management; standardising cash handling procedures and controls; mitigating exposure to risk and losses; providing effective audit, reconcilement and reporting capabilities; and increasing ATM, currency processing and transportation productivity.

"Cardpoint is committed to ensuring that our carrier-filled network achieves industry-leading cash availability levels whilst minimising interest and carrier costs through optimisation software. Following a review of the market we concluded Carreker's iCom solution best matched our requirements," said Roy Dodd, Chief Operating Officer, Cardpoint, UK. "Not only has iCom facilitated efficiencies within the cash cycle, but equally as important it didn't require any expensive equipment or network upgrades. We can securely manage the entire network from a desktop computer."

"Cardpoint has established itself as a provider of choice in the European ATM market. Their selection of iCom allows them to better serve their customers by using advanced forecasting technology to accurately predict cash demands and instantly respond to changes in customer behaviour by interpreting and imitating historical data," said Brian Evetts, EVP, Cash & Logistics, Carreker.

J.D. (Denny) Carreker, Carreker chairman and CEO, said, "Cardpoint's selection of iCom allows us to further expand our already strong penetration into the European market with our Cash & Logistics solutions. iCom continues to deliver great value and ROI to our global customer base."

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