Dovetail Systems demonstrates liquidity management on IBM payments platform

Source: Dovetail Systems

Dovetail Systems, a provider of high-value and ACH-type payment processing solutions, and IBM partner, is demonstrating its liquidity management technology running on IBM's new Enterprise Payments Platform at booth H03 of Swift's International Banking Operations Seminar (SIBOS) in Sydney, Australia.

IBM's new payments platform helps banks streamline their existing payments systems and rapidly deploy new, reusable payments applications using Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) to deliver new services, drive organic growth and reduce costs across the enterprise. The platform complements Dovetail's "Progressive Renovation" methodology, which offers banks affordable and safe payment system renovation options.
"For the Enterprise Payments Platform demonstration, IBM sought partners who share our vision and belief in componentised payment solutions," said John Mesberg, Vice President of Financial Services Solutions, IBM Software Group. "Both IBM and Dovetail believe the future of payments processing lies in SOA-based solutions, and we look forward to a productive relationship."
In the demonstration, Dovetail will provide liquidity management functions, including integrated tools to monitor and manage a bank's intraday liquidity positions at the central bank, clearing house, and counterparty levels, and its clearing and settlement gateway connectivity functions.
"Dovetail is proud to partner with IBM to help our clients renovate existing payments systems within an SOA framework and reuse payment application data across the enterprise," said Barry Tooker, Dovetail's Senior Vice President of Product Management. "The combination of Dovetail and IBM technologies with SOA further validates our component-based product delivery philosophy and capabilities to help banks drive organic growth."

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