JPMorgan upgrades Views portfolio reporting system

Source: JPMorgan Worldwide Securities Services

JPMorgan Worldwide Securities Services, a leading global provider of custody and securities services, today announced major technology enhancements to its VIEWS Portfolio Reporting system for custody, accounting and securities lending activities.

The latest version of JPMorgan VIEWS gives institutional investors a "dashboard" homepage that quickly summarizes all assets, real-time intra-day reports and a Report Wizard that allows integration of data from numerous sources and extensive customization. The new system is being rolled out to executives at banks, money management firms, mutual funds, insurance companies and pension funds in the Asia Pacific region.

"Today's VIEWS Portfolio Reporting system is the powerful advanced technology our clients have been looking for to quickly and easily know where their assets are and how they are performing," said Conrad Kozak, head of the Securities Company for JPMorgan Worldwide Securities Services. "VIEWS allows our clients to see any view, any time."

"JPMorgan's new-and-improved VIEWS includes multiple technology upgrades that make it the industry's most comprehensive, easy to use and customizable reporting application available," said John Galante, Chief Technology Officer for JPMorgan Worldwide Securities Services. "We believe it is the best platform in the industry for custody and securities services."

"IBM's integrated solution capability combined with industry expertise helped JPMorgan achieve its objectives to further enhance VIEWS," said Emily Baugher, Global Client Executive, IBM. "JPMorgan's global release of the latest version of VIEWS is an excellent example of collaborative innovation that helps institutional investors access and integrate asset information faster and easier."

JPMorgan VIEWS Portfolio Reporting has been enhanced with several new features including:
  • Dashboard - A fully customizable homepage that gives a quick snapshot of all of assets
  • Real-time Intra-day reports - Expanded ability to schedule or call up reports as often as needed to have minute-to-minute status of assets and have reports emailed
  • Increased data and integration - Significantly greater amount of data and easy capability to integrate it with custody, securities lending, corporate actions, accounting, performance and securities reference data including a full history of more than 4 million issues and multiple public indices
  • Quick Queries - Instant access to frequently-requested data such as cash balances, security exposure, top holdings and security lending earning - without the need to run a full report
  • Greater Customization - Flexibility to personalize reports and customize charts and graphs to easily produce quality reports, whether simple or complex, for CEOs and Boards of Directors
  • Cash Forecasting - New cash forecasting module with capability to run investment portfolios to any horizon and an investment ledger, which help clients define their own chart of account structure and create income statements

The new JPMorgan VIEWS is available via the JPMorgan ACCESS portal. The custody, accounting and securities lending reporting applications are the latest in a series of VIEWS technology innovations including JPMorgan E-Tax, JPMorgan Performance Measurement and related services such as JPMorgan's electronic distribution of corporate action materials.

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