LSE launches online information services for investors

Source: London Stock Exchange

The London Stock Exchange today launched Exchange Insight and Company Profile, new online services that will provide private investors with the information and tools they need to help them to build successful investment portfolios.

Exchange Insight will provide access to live prices and a range of trading and analysis tools, while the Company Profile service will give investors a detailed view of a company's past financial performance and future prospects in a single report.

David Lester, Chief Information Officer at the London Stock Exchange, said: "Our website has long been an important resource for private investors of all levels of experience. Developing new web-based services, such as Exchange Insight and Company Profile, forms part of our strategy to improve private investors' understanding of equity markets. We're delighted that these two new services will now offer them access to a greater breadth and depth of live information."

"Occasional investors will welcome the chance to cut out much of the legwork involved in their decision making process by simply downloading all the information they need in a single Company Profile. Private investors who trade actively will find that Exchange Insight's comprehensive range of information and analysis tools, including the live Level 2 data that is increasingly a must-have for serious investors, will help them to trade like professionals."

Company Profile
Company Profile gives factual information and analysis on individual companies, including the latest price information and news headlines, historical price charts, five years of fundamental data and financial information, details of directors dealings, and broker research.

Exchange Insight and Exchange Insight Workstation
The Exchange Insight services are aimed at more regular traders, and will provide access to real-time prices and a range of trading and analysis tools. In addition to fundamental data, information on directors' dealing, broker research and enhanced trade data, both services include analysis tools designed to help investors to spot opportunities or minimise losses, including technical analysis tools, a stock screener, heat-maps, news impact and portfolio analysis.

Exchange Insight Workstation is designed to be a private investor's version of a professional trading screen, with a customisable layout that enables viewers to see multiple frames at once. In addition to all the tools and information provided with Exchange Insight, Workstation users will have access to live Level 2 data showing every order on the Exchange's order books. Live data from the workstation can be linked into Excel spreadsheets via Dynamic Data Exchange so that users can conduct their own analysis.

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