SunGard launches Web Interface for Investar*ONE

Source: SunGard

SunGard today announced the delivery of a Web-based user interface for Investar*ONE, a global real-time mutual fund transfer agency recordkeeping solution.

The new Web front-end addresses the needs of today's competitive global mutual fund servicing markets. The technical infrastructure enables SunGard to customize Investar*ONE for global use and makes possible the support of specialized processing activities. The functional specifications align Investar*ONE with SunGard's Common Services Architecture initiative through the use of Web Services and XML-enabled data. The new user interface supports enhanced integration between Investar*ONE and other SunGard applications.

By managing the application on a server instead of individual workstations, customer IT administration costs are reduced. The Web-based user interface replaces the previous Investar*ONE GUI application which supported system access through components installed on the user desktop. Expanding Investar*ONE's accessibility, enables users to access the system from any workstation through a Web address.

According to Ken Kempf, president, Investar*ONE, "Using rich-client technology in a J2EE open-standards environment allows SunGard to keep its commitment to an open architecture while driving down cost-of-ownership by delivering an enterprise strength Internet application, surpassing traditional fat-client server desktops in performance, UI richness, network efficiency, and, at the same time, achieving zero-install deployment capability."

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