Abbey International Bank selects Digital Vision document processing services

Source: Digital Vision

Abbey International Bank selected leading document processing specialist Digital Vision to help it scan, index and categorise 150,000 pages of banking documents including signatory details and high net worth customer identification paperwork, as part of the organisation's centralising of operations.

A core element of centralising the Bank's offshore operations in Jersey was scanning and indexing Know Your Customer (KYC) documentation - customer identification documents such as passport details - held in hard copy format at the organisation's base on the Isle of Man, in order to make them accessible electronically to staff in Jersey.

Digital Vision established a complete on-site scanning bureau at Abbey International's Isle of Man offices, successfully processing up to 36,000 individual documents per week over a seven week period, and completing the project within deadline to ensure Abbey International's centralisation plan continued to run smoothly.

Opting for an onsite, outsourced solution delivered a number of key benefits for Abbey International. Given that the documents being processed contained confidential customer information such as original mandate forms, passport, identification and signatory details, the details needed to remain secure and onsite at all times.

The approach also saved Abbey valuable time, money and resources, removing the need to invest in specialist processing equipment and in man-hours training staff in how to scan and process the documents, freeing up resources to focus on other areas of the centralisation process.

Abbey International looked at a number of local suppliers, but was impressed by the onsite service offered by Digital Vision, coupled with its experience of the target application - IBM Content Manager. Digital Vision had also successfully implemented a scanning solution at Abbey's offshore offices on a previous occasion, demonstrating its experience in the financial sector.

Andrew Cubbon of Abbey International said, "Making customer validation details available electronically was a key part of the centralisation process, and it was essential that this was carried out at an early stage and to deadline.

"We were impressed by Digital Vision's professional approach - they delivered an onsite, on-demand bureau, ensuring customer data remained secure and confidential, and providing a cost-effective and highly accurate processing solution to meet our business needs."

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