Ukraine's PrivatBank orders Wincor Nixdorf ATMs, software

Source: Wincor Nixdorf

Together with its Ukrainian partner, Card Pack Service (CPS), Wincor Nixdorf has received an order for a solution package consisting of both self-service systems and software for remote monitoring of ATMs. The bank has ordered more than 1000 ATMs to expand what is the largest ATM network in the country, and in the future PrivatBank will connect all its systems to its IT Management Center using the monitoring software ProView. PrivatBank has 2200 branches and operates 3211 ATMs in Ukraine and another 585 in Russia.

All 4600 PrivatBank self-service systems, including 1000 units from other manufacturers, will be connected to the bank’s IT management center via ProView. Data will be forwarded from this location to Card Pack Service, which has taken over service for all of the installed systems, so that CPS can ensure optimal maintenance. The completed installation of ProView on all the bank’s systems will mean that Wincor Nixdorf has assumed a leading role in the provision of software for monitoring and remote administration of self-service systems in Eastern Europe.

ProView is software for monitoring and administration that is tailored to meet the special needs of self-service systems of all kinds. The solution is not limited to decentralized application within the branch or financial institution; it can also be used centrally in data processing centers or customer care centers. ProView’s broad functionality covers remote diagnosis and status reporting for all of the systems connected to it. The detailed status information that ProView gathers enables a precise diagnosis of problems so that device failures can be prevented and complete outages can be rectified promptly.

The variety of information that ProView processes can be used to maintain availability at a high level and optimize network performance. Currently more than 60,000 terminals – including ATMs, statement printers, stamp vending machines and automated ticket machines – are monitored by ProView in 5 different continents.

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