SunGard upgrades data management engine managePoint


SunGard Data Management Solutions, an operating group of SunGard (NYSE: SDS), today announced the launch of managePoint 3.0, the core data management engine at the heart of SunGard's referencePoint solution for enterprise data management. The new version, which offers significant improvements and expanded features, will be featured at the 2004 SIA Technology Management Conference in New York.

managePoint, the key component of SunGard's referencePoint, is responsible for the mapping, validation, enrichment and storage of reference and historical market data. The latest version introduces a number of significant enhancements:
  • A significant increase in performance throughput enables data managers to process large-scale reference and pricing data universes in a timely manner.
  • The addition of a "Multiple Golden Copy" capability that enables customers to meet the varying needs of different departments or business units within their organization.
  • Improved database design for the efficient storage of reference and historical pricing data.
  • An enhanced Data Maintenance Workbench that allows for the easy manipulation of mapping and validation exceptions, plus the ability to authorize all manual changes to the Golden Copy data.
  • Flexible security-type definition for customizable mapping and attribute setup.
  • Dynamic security group creation for schedule and rule setup, plus exception-handling for common sets of securities.

    Rob Ord, vice-president and product manager for managePoint, said, "We made a conscious decision to address the key requirements of our clients to help ensure that managePoint 3.0 is the benchmark for the next generation of data mapping, validation, enrichment and storage information."

    managePoint is designed to compare and choose the more reliable of the same type of data from multiple data sources. Complete audit trails of data changes/corrections and copies of the raw data sources are maintained to help ensure the integrity of the data management process at each stage. The result is a true "Golden Copy" that is a single, consistent, cleansed set of data to be used across an organization. managePoint is currently in use at a number of large financial institutions across North America, Europe and Asia.
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