Digital Resolve offers 'zero impact' FFIEC compliant authentication

Source: Digital Resolve

Digital Resolve, the authority in transparent risk-based authentication, is helping financial institutions to expedite deployment of its Fraud Analyst risk-based authentication solution through its Zero Impact Installation option, which eliminates the need to directly integrate with web-based banking or other online applications where stronger authentication is needed.

Unlike many of the “zero hour” solutions recently introduced to the market that provide resource-consuming, passive fraud monitoring that offers no real-time protection for consumers, Fraud Analyst is a proven solution that actively protects customers at the point of login, preventing criminals from entering the online channel. Using patent-pending behavior profiles that detect fraud in real-time by spotting unusual customer behavior, Fraud Analyst offers true zero hour authentication for suspect transactions, and is reducing fraud for the online channel by as much as 90 percent. With the Zero Impact Installation option, financial institutions can enjoy the same proven protection of Fraud Analyst without integration into their web-based banking applications, and can unify authentication for distinct online applications such as online banking, bill pay, cash management, and online mortgage applications.

Fraud Analyst Zero Impact Installation allows for the rapid deployment of a proven solution to meet the FFIEC year-end deadline, and provides benefits to financial institutions and financial services organizations of any size including:

Ø For Large Financial Institutions – Fraud Analyst Zero Impact Installation allows institutions to implement a single, strong authentication platform across multiple online applications by providing a front-end risk-based authentication point.

Ø For Small to Mid-Size Institutions – for those institutions that have outsourced their web-banking applications and are limited to the authentication options offered by their web-banking provider, Zero Impact Installation bypasses the need for an API interface into the web-banking platform, providing institutions with choice in their authentication approach.

Ø Core Processors, CUSOs and other service Bureaus – Fraud Analyst Zero Impact Installation supports authentication requirements for multiple bank and credit union customers with a single implementation.

"Fraud Analyst Zero Impact Installation provides the ease of deployment that financial institutions of any size need to meet the year-end deadlines and to actively and transparently protect their online customers," said Dennis Maicon, Executive Vice President of Financial Services Solutions, Digital Resolve. "We have also been approached by many financial institutions whose web-banking providers are not offering them the opportunity to choose their authentication provider, and they asked for a way to be able to quickly and cost-effectively deploy our proven and transparent Fraud Analyst solution. Zero Impact Installation will allow these institutions to choose authentication providers and authentication methods."

Fraud Analyst Zero Impact Installation is available as part of Digital Resolve’s Fraud Analyst fraud detection and multi-factor authentication solution and offers the same risk-based approach to securing customer logins as the deployed and proven API implementation option. Fraud Analyst monitors customer behavior and offers stronger authentication should a behavior deviate from the norm during an account access attempt. Should a login be deemed suspect, further authentication will be provided for high-risk access attempts - helping to keep criminals out and let valid customers proceed as normal.

Fraud Analyst is a proven and deployed solution for risk-based authentication developed specifically for the financial services industry to provide powerful yet transparent user authentication for all online customer segments. Using member behavior profiles, financial institutions can spot suspect behavior in real time, and provide further authentication should a transaction meet pre-defined risk thresholds set by the financial institution – all without disrupting the normal member experience while banking online.

Zero Impact Installation Offer

In order to help financial institutions meet year-end FFIEC compliance deadlines, Digital Resolve is waiving installation fees for its Zero Impact Installation option for those institutions that sign agreements by November 3, 2006.

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