Oslo Børs in organisational shake-up

Source: Oslo Børs

Oslo Børs has carried out a comprehensive strategic review process over recent months. In order to ensure that the organisation is as well equipped as possible to meet the targets set for future years, some changes have been made to the organisational structure.

The main changes from the previous structure are as follows:

The operational marketplaces Equities, Fixed Income and Derivatives are brought together into a single business area: Markets.

The departments Issuer Surveillance and Legal Affairs are merged to form a new section for Legal, Listing and Prospectuses.

A new Projects department is established, which will be a support function for all the internal departments and the executive management of Oslo Børs. Projects will have overall responsibility for setting up and carrying out major projects and research tasks.

Oslo Børs Informasjon AS will in due course be merged with Oslo Børs ASA. The department will then be known as Information Services.

The Surveillance department will be separated even more distinctly from the commercial activities of Oslo Børs, and an internal board will set the guidelines for its activities. This change has been made to strengthen the department's independence and further underline its separate integrity.

Following these changes, the executive management team of Oslo Børs will comprise of:

Bente A. Landsnes (CEO and President)
P. Anders Brodin (Deputy CEO and Head of Markets)
Harald Næss (SVP - Information Technology)
Sverre Lilleng (SVP – Surveillance)
Geir Heggem (SVP & CFO)
Atle Degré (SVP – Legal Affairs)
Oddleif Hatlem (SVP – Information Services)
Per Eikrem (SVP- Corporate Communications)

In addition, the heads of the Sales and Marketing department and the Projects department will join the executive management team once they are appointed.

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