China Construction Bank orders 900 ATMs from Wincor Nixdorf

Source: Wincor Nixdorf

Once again, Wincor Nixdorf has received an order from China for a solution package comprised of self-service systems and associated software for bank branches.

China Construction Bank, one of the four largest Chinese banks, has awarded Wincor Nixdorf a follow-up contract for 900 automated teller machines and will use them to expand its existing ATM network in China.

The solution package also contains software that will allow the operation of the systems in the network to be monitored online. In a first step, this software will be implemented for a group of 350 systems that includes ATMs from other vendors.

The systems will be made available to CCB clients at branches throughout the country. Wincor Nixdorf will also assume responsibility for servicing the machines. The present order includes ProCash 2000xe, ProCash 2050xe and ProCash 2150xe systems.

In order to manage CCB's ATMs nationwide, Jianyin Technology Development Center, the bank's service arm, opted to buy the ProView solution, which will be used to monitor system states, distribute the software from a central point of administration and create statistics on performance. This will enable CCB to reach the desired availability and quality of service in its multivendor environment.

ProView is designed for use not only locally at branches and institutes but also centrally at data centers and customer care centers. Its function array covers remote diagnostics and status reports for the systems connected to it. The detailed status information collected with ProView allows precise error diagnosis, making it possible to avoid device failure completely, or to quickly recover systems that have failed. The wealth of information that ProView processes is put to very good use in maintaining maximum device availability and optimizing network performance. Currently, on five continents ProView is used to monitor over 60,000 terminals (ATMs, statement printers, postage stamp dispensers and ticket terminals).

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