Xinhua Finance expands Chinese news coverage

Source: Xinhua Finance

Xinhua Finance (TSE Mothers: 9399 and OTC: XHFNY) announced its subsidiary Market News International (MNI) has further expanded its China-related news services.

Through two news products - China Bullet Points and China MainWire - MNI enhances its coverage of the world's fastest growing economy through insightful spot news, market commentary, government policy analysis, and market intelligence.

China Bullet Points (CBP) provides high value, real-time news and analysis on China's fixed-income and foreign exchange financial markets in Chinese, including regular exclusive interviews and insight from top market professionals. CBP is essential reading for treasury and forex traders and other financial professionals worldwide as the bond and money markets in China grow rapidly.

China MainWire (CMW) offers extensive, in-depth news and analysis on global debt and currency markets, including translations of MNI's most popular features: the closely watched "Talk from the Trenches" daily column on the U.S. Treasury market; market-moving exclusives on the U.S. Federal Reserve and European Central Bank policy; timely and insightful analysis of U.S. and European economic data at release time; and MNI's highly respected "Reality Check" feature that often correctly predicts the outcome of the economic data.

President of Xinhua Finance's News service line and CEO of MNI, Michael Connor said, "Since launch, we've witnessed swift growth in the demand for our Xinhua Finance MNI China news offerings. On-going sales efforts are bearing fruit as our niche coverage becomes increasingly mainstream." Both China Bullet Points and China MainWire are delivered via Xinhua Finance's newswire and leading redistributors. New trials on the Bloomberg terminal is expected to further boost the products' sales pipelines.

The proprietary content delivered through these and other Xinhua Finance news offerings serve as a critical tool for investment decision-making. MNI provides an added layer of depth to Xinhua Finance's News service line, which is anchored by real-time news feed provider Xinhua Finance News. The Xinhua Finance News - MNI alliance is routinely first in reporting major news stories originating from China and boasts an unrivaled track record for central bank coverage. Among the company's major news breaks have been the reporting of the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics' revision of the 2005 GDP on August 30, 2006, the Central Bank's reserve ratio hike on July 21, 2006 and People Bank of China's interest rate hikes on April 27 and August 18, 2006.

Mr. Connor states, "The seconds by which we beat our competitors to print on these key stories has meant a serious financial advantage to our clients."

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